SupaDry Leather Cleaning has specially trained technicians and use the latest process for Leather Lounge Restoration.You will be amazed and delighted at what our Leather Lounge Restoration technicians can achieve with our unique process. Leather being a biological or living tissue needs nourishing to restore and maintain its luster and durability.

Many shop bought leather cleaning products break down leather finishes promoting dryness and cracking. Some contain wax type conditioners which in the short term soften leather; however, over time they tend to harden and glaze up.

our process;

  1. The surface is thoroughly cleaned and prepared.
  2. The flexibility and feel of the leather is enhanced with a deep moisturizing process.
  3. The leather is then re-sealed with highest quality leather protection. SupaDry Leather Cleaning offers homes and business a proven and professional Leather Restoration service. We have the skills and resources to ensure absolute satisfaction for your leather upholstery.

Unless you are experienced in restoring leather and have access to the right products it is extremely easy to permanently damage your furniture so have our professional Leather restorers clean your leather lounge and chairs and advise you on how to care for and maintain the beautiful condition we will leave them in.

We use biodegradable products that clean your Leather lounge deep down and to the highest standard. We are so confident that you will be happy with the results of our cleaning. CALL NOW 08 9249 3336 / 0404 998 000.